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SafeTexting R for iPhone

  1. What does SafeTexting R cost and where do I get it.
    SafeTexting R can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for $1.99.
  2. How does SafeTexting R reduce distracted driving?
    While you are driving, the application uses cell tower change events to detect you are driving and displays a reminder not to text and drive. 
  3. How do I get SafeTexting R?
    From your iPhone go to the App Store and search for SafeTexting R. 
  4. When I installed the application, my phone prompted me for location permissions, what is that all about?
    In order for SafeTexting R to function it needs permission to interact with the phone's location component. For example, a cell tower change event determines you are driving. This event is part of the phones location component.
  5. Does the app use GPS ?
    No the app does not use GPS. As you drive your phone naturally changes from one cell tower to another, we leverage cell tower change events to determine you are driving. Initially during research and development we used GPS to verify your speed was above 10mph prior to displaying the reminder message. We concluded the battery impact of the speed verification process was moderate to high. As a result we determined it was a good tradeoff to eliminate the battery impact by just using the cell tower change events. This may result in an occasional reminder being displayed on the phone, while you are not driving, but that isn't really a bad thing.
  6. How will my battery be impacted by the application?
    The SafeTexting R only runs when needed. As a result the app uses very very little battery. SafeTexting R uses cell tower change events to determine your when you are driving. The app is essentially off, until the cell tower change event is triggered. At that time the reminder message is displayed and the app goes back to sleep. This design results in very little battery consumption.
  7. What types phones does the app work on?
    The Safe Texting R is currently available only for iPhone. However we are developing SafeTexting AR Plus for BlackBerry, Android and Win Phone 8. SafeTexting AR Plus will combine the features of SafeTexting AR and SafeTexting R 
  8. Where can I sign the Safe Texting Pledge?
    SafeTexting R is the first SafeTexting App that allows you to sign the SafeTexting Pledge directly from your iPhone. Your child's and your commitment to making our highway's safer is the cornerstone of the SafeTexting Campaign. The Pledge is your personnel contract to affirm that commitment. From the app click the Pledge button at the bottom of the main screen. Once you sign the pledge you are given the opportunity to Print the SafeTexting Pledge certificate or Email it to your self. We encourage you to pass your phone around to your friends and have them sign the pledge too. If you school is having a safety event, making the pledge available to the students is a great addition to the event.
  9. Can I upload photos to the Gallery?
    Yes you can. The SafeTexting R application has three photo galleries. "Crash Gallery", "Caught you texting Gallery" and the "Safety Event Gallery". We encourage you to upload photos to the Galleries. In fact you can actually take photos with your iPhone directly into a Gallery. Please Keep in Mind... Do not view or upload photos to the galleries while you are driving, hand the phone to a passenger. After uploading a photo the to gallery, it will imediately be available to view from your phone in the Gallery. However, your photo has to be screened by the SafeTexting Team prior to being made available to the rest of the world.
  10. What do I do if SafeTexting R stops working?Make sure Location Services is turned on for SafeTexting
    This should rarely if ever happen.
    • Verify Location Services is turned on for the SafeTexting App. (Older iPhones, iOS5, Settings > Location Services) (Newer iPhones, iOS6,  Settings > General > Privacy Location Services).
    • Verify SafeTexting R is installed. (The icon should be on your screen)
    • If you have done a hard reboot of the phone, or re-installed SafeTexting R, simply launching the app re-register the application with the phones location services for cell tower change event notifications.
    • As you drive, if you live in a rural area cell tower changes happen less frequently compared to a densely populated area. So if you are in a rural area it may be as much as ten minutes between seeing the alert message popup. 
  11. Is the app available for business?
    Yes, Businesses who have drivers on the road also need to take steps to reduce distracted driving. Texting and driving not only puts a business at financial risk, but it also puts the business' reputation at risk through negative media exposure. For business licensing please contact us.


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