Accidents Caused By Texting While Driving
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Accidents Caused By Texting While Driving


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Don't text and drive!

Sometimes all the research and studies in the world aren't enough to get the point across. A picture tells a thousand words. We hope these photos help get the point across.

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A closer look. Compa...
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Compact car, texting...
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Driving requires 100...
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Even the wealthy are...
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If you text and driv...
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Just a few seconds w...
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No one is safe
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Not always deadly, b...
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Not much left after ...
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Please... Don't text...
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Texting while drivin...
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This is a world wide...

The SafeTexting Campaign regularly participates in safety, and other community events. Our goal is to educate the public about distracted driving, specifically texting while driving.

While participating in these events we have handed out thousands for distracted driving pamphlets, and have had to opportunity to speak with literally hundreds of people about the topic. The individuals we talk to included teens, young adults, adults and older. Teens seem to be very aware of the problem, some admit to being addicted to texting, but i have been amazed, by how many in the 30 to 40 year old range are called out by their friends and families. For some reason many in this age group are addicted to texting and text while driving, and many of them don't want to admit to it. The common thread among most of the texting addicted people we have spoken to is, they truly understand it is dangerous, they want to change their behaviors, and wish they could stop, but the phone is right there buzzing and ringing. The SafeTexting application is the perfect solution for these individuals. The distracted driving application basically locks the phone down while they are driving. The application is an effective way to modify the behavior. Within a week even the most addicted texters, find they no longer reach for their phone while driving.


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